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Its great looking but sadly i have 2 send it back cuz my dog is 2 big for it.. Its made in china so when ordering keep that in mind if it says large its really a medium if you want large get x large
Sarah Sarouri
Very good quality, so much so I hate to throw them away. After my coffee is brewed, I rinse out the filter carefully with warm water and let it dry; it's then ready for my next cup. Like fine wine, I have found it improves with age. When new, I think the coffee flows through a bit too quickly, by the second or third run it seems to clog slightly or otherwise tighten up a bit and filters slower, anyway, it works perfectly for my taste.
Sallis Yao
I bought it for a gift, she was very pleased
Kenneth W. Horton
4? great price. Installed It correctly to my dryer, It can break if handled wrong, just be patient & careful. Easy to install, after taking the top dryer apart. I have the dryer(top)/washer(bottom) combo.
Gene Yawn

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